The 'Well Suited' skill building day is a great opportunity for established Personal Stylists and those who have commenced working in the Styling field to fine tune their skills in professional tailoring consultancy. 


There are an increasing number of established Personal Stylist's working in the arena who know very little about modern trends in suiting, how to measure a client for alterations, key tailoring terms and the differences in suiting construction methods. When a client is hiring you as a Professional Stylist to advise them on their tailoring it is key that you are top of your game.

This workshop focuses on tailoring terms and guidelines in modern suiting, how to consult with client's on suiting for off the rack, made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring along with ensuring you know how a suit should be worn and determining different cuts for different body types.


- Key fundamentals of men and womens tailoring

- Trends in modern day corporate and tailoring 

- Building a relationship with tailors and networking

- How to pin for off the rack suiting alterations

- Assisting your client in choosing the right tailor for their budget and requirements

- The difference between, bespoke, made to measure and off the rack suiting

- The right questions to ask in relation to lead time and manufacturing

- Tailoring lingo you should know such as trouser break, kissing buttons, different lapels

- Suiting fabrications, thread, trends in colouring and prints

- Construction methods

- Necklines and collars for different shapes

- Tailored shirts for men and women

- How to effectively collaborate with tailors

If you are interested in attending the "Well Suited" Stylist Skill Building Day please use the contact us HERE and we will be in touch with additional information.