MY STYLIST MENTOR is founded by Caitlin Stewart one of Australia's leading Personal Stylist's.


When Caitlin embarked on her personal styling journey 15 years ago there was little to no support available to assist with setting up a business of this nature. Caitlin reached out to established Personal Stylist's in the market for support and mentoring only to be shut down as they feared the competition. Caitlin stood resilient in an industry which can at times be difficult to get that foot in the door and evolved into one of Australia's most successful Personal Stylists. Caitlin has networked so effectively and built such a solid client base which is largely driven by referrals she has not needed to reply on social media or advertising.


Caitlin continues to actively work with Australia's top professionals across, media, professional services and education along with all facets of personal styling.  Now working to her capacity MY STYLIST MENTOR is Caitlin's next step when it comes to evolving and sharing her skill with those who want to learn. Caitlin believes there is enough work out there for all of us and seeks to support and mentor those with the same passion she held when she started. Her aim is to create a proactive community for Stylist's to collaborate and grow.

















MY STYLIST MENTOR seeks to cultivate an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success within the styling industry.  Today everyone in the creative field is some form of Stylist. It is a field that is unregulated and very much about who and what you know meaning you don't need a qualification to succeed. However, armed with the practical "know how" delivered real and raw without sugar coating you can navigate your way through all the noise to a successful styling business.


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Why MY STYLIST MENTOR? Get to know a little more about Caitlin and her impressive career which she is still actively involved in HERE



Who facilitates the masterclass workshops?

Caitlin facilitates all of the masterclass workshops herself and for some of the more specialised areas Caitlin brings in additional experts as guest speakers who are top of their field. The aim is to equip you with the most current and relevant information from those with their finger on the pulse in the field.


There are many "Stylist" courses out there so we urge you to do your research and choose the right path for you which of course may not be us, however Caitlin has worked across all areas of personal styling and is still extremely active in her field including working with Australia's major television networks and conducting corporate workshops. She is an accredited workplace trainer holding her Certificate IV in workplace training and has taught at one of Sydney's top fashion business colleges for over ten years. Caitlin also has an impressive database of personal clients whom which she has a fantastic ongoing relationship. 

I am not interested in training, what else can you offer me?

We are not a training organisation. We aim to offer a collaborative and supportive community for new and established Personal Stylists. A large majority of our community have already completed some form of styling course or are already established working in the field. What they crave is ongoing support in a nurturing and informative community or to be provided with the opportunity to build on and enrich their skills as trends in fashion change and evolve - for this very reason we have an exciting membership programe coming soon.

Is this an accredited college or training organisation?

No. We are not a fashion school nor do we boast to be or offer a tertiary qualification. We leave this to the wonderful accredited fashion colleges on offer in Australia. We run a series of masterclass workshops and offer business coaching services to Personal Stylist's which are designed to inform, motivate and instruct you on how to start your business or get ahead in the personal styling field. We can make recommendations based on our industry knowledge for additional accredited tertiary studies that may supplement your learning and in many cases connect you with the right people for workplace training and industry networking. We straight out tell you how to do it, offload you with our plethora of tips straight from the industry and the rest is up to you!

Do I need any prior experience to take part?

The short answer is no. However, we find that some of our weekend workshops which are more topic specific are favoured by more established Personal Stylists or those with a little experience under their belt wishing to keep their finger on the pulse and further refine their skills in a certain area. We encourage you to get in touch prior to booking any masterclass or workshop and we can chat through the most suitable options for your requirements hence why we don't offer immediate online bookings.

Where do the workshops and events take place?

We meet both online and across various locations in Sydney. All locations are in or close to the CBD and airport and within walking distance to public transport. We hope to bring our in person events and workshops interstate in the not too distant future. Our online business building group coaching sessions are virtual so you can join from the comfort of your own home. Our membership offering will be available nationally and will involve fortnightly webinars where you can access from anywhere you wish!

How many attendees do you have in each group?

Depending on the workshop or session between 14 and 20 to ensure adequate attention to each participant, along with maintaining an interactive environment. Our workshops are big enough to have a collaborative buzz, but small enough to engage and have personalised attention when required.

What is the purpose of your skill building days?

We are just so excited to be able to offer you this opportunity as there is currently nothing of this nature available in the current market.. Caitlin found that as a Personal Stylist she would be frequently contacted by those who had completed Stylist training, however found that due to the nature of the training the content was quite general. There were certain areas that lacked detail or instruction on how to execute specific tasks such as conducting a style session from start to finish, planning in detail for a shopping trip or advising your client on tailoring.

By offering skill building days for Stylists this allows those who already feel experienced in the styling field to brush up in detail on a specific area of personal styling that they might not be as confident with without the need to over invest in an entire course. These days are also a tremendous way to network and collaborate with likeminded professionals in the styling arena and wont break the bank!

If you would like further information on any of our workshops, events and membership or would like to chat about the best option for you. Please shoot us a note below and we will be in touch with you!




" I want us all to succeed. This is a thriving industry with potential clients form all walks of life. There is enough room for us all. I am committed to providing an educational space for Stylists to network, learn, grow and continually develop their skills." Caitlin




We look forward to chatting with you soon!