Sustainable styling solutions are sought after by many a personal styling client. Working to a sustainable fashion brief can be difficult if you don't know where to shop, which brands to choose and are not well versed on eco-friendly resources and production and manufacturing methods. You might want to operate solely as an eco stylist, however still need to understand basic fundamentals or you may already exist in the arena as a Personal Stylist, but want to bring in some tips on how clients can reduce waist and focus on slow fashion. Many of you satisfy a diverse range of clients with varying needs, however the move towards slow fashion is imminent so being able to encompass elements of sustainability within your craft will diversify your service offering and have a positive impact.


Caitlin is accompanied by an expert Eco Stylist who lives and breaths sustainable fashion to facilitate this skill building weekend. This area is so diverse that the session spans over the course of a weekend to include practical elements.

Day 1

- Introduction to 'Eco Styling'

- Consumer certifications to look out for from suppliers

- Manufacturing and supply chains

- Breaking down the jargon

- Styling your client sustainably

- Other tips for eco friendly fashion

- Where and how to shop sustainably

- Tips on making the most out of your clients wardrobe

Day 2

- Eco styling shopping tour on the streets of Sydney

This is a great opportunity to put all of the theory that you have learnt into place. Becoming a little more ethically minded when shopping with your clients and learning how to reduce waste can make the world of difference to your clients wellbeing and also that of the evenironemnt. With the world becoming so much more conscious it is great to have the knowledge in play to be able to assist a range of clients with varying desires. The tour is facilitated by eco Stylist who will passionately share knowledge and educate us on leading a more sustainable fashion business.

Details and upcoming dates are coming soon. If you are interested in attending the Eco Styling Skill Building Weekend please shoot us a note HERE and we will be in touch to chat about the best options for you.