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Working in fashion retail your staff are more than sales cashiers, they are faced with the role Personal Stylist to each customer that enters the store. Many customers rely on Retail Sales Stylist's to suggest the best solutions in clothing, shoes and accessories to flatter their body shape and suit their lifestyle, budget and needs.


Many Retail Sales Stylists are a credit to the brand, however as a seasoned shopper Caitlin has seen first hand how things can easily go south with the wrong move. Without the correct training there are some very big mistakes to be made which can cost the company customers and ultimately revenue.

There are a number of businesses with staff members working as "Stylist's" without any formal 'know how'. Sure you can learn on the job or even 'wing it' however structured guidance and a set of styling guidelines can elevate your level of service and maintain the utmost in professionalism ten fold not to mention up sell and nurturing client relationships. Building a great relationship with customers can mean repeat business and promote the company to an elite level of service. You spend time and energy on sales training, why not implement Stylist training? It is just as essential.

Caitlin can also include sales strategies in these Stylist training sessions and combines her fashion business training and teaching to incorporate your company specific sales strategies with styling know how.

This two day retail workshop your team members will learn;

  • How to greet the customer

  • Building a relationship with your customer and fellow freelance Personal Stylist's

  • The importance of their own image and personal grooming

  • Delivering high performance customer service standards

  • How to approach the customer for assistance / when to back off

  • What never to say

  • Determining the customers body shape and style advising accordingly

  • Breaking the rules if the customer is determined on a particular piece

  • How to be diplomatic when you know something might not work

  • Tackling the negative customer

  • How to enhance and identify a customers physical assets

  • Suggestions on add on sales through offering a complete outfit solution

  • How effective Styling can assist with cross sell and up selling

  • Styling your customer in line with trends

  • The fundamentals in colour consulting and advising your customer on complimentary colours including breaking the rules of colour to work in with your seasonal range

  • Sales strategies that wont send them running out of the door

  • Creating a personalised customer database


As a seasoned, professional shopper of 15 years Caitlin has seen it all. She knows what worked when it comes to earning a customers trust and has witnessed first hand the horrible mistakes Retail Sales Stylists can make when speaking to customers. We understand you need to meet and exceed sales targets, have set sales strategies and personal selling methods in play however ultimately looking after your customer will bring them back time and time again and assist your team in meeting those targets and KPI's. To put it simply if you make someone feel good and offer a second to none experience... they will be back!



A 'service based' Personal Stylist refers to in house Stylist's, TV Network Stylist's and other organisations where their staff style clients without a sales focus. There are a number of business scenarios where a Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Stylist is required to look after the image needs of a client. Quite often staff are thrown in the deep end without any formal training. My STYLIST MENTOR offers targeted workplace training in the area of personal styling to ensure all staff are skilled and ready to meet and exceed standards.




- The importance of your own image and personal grooming

-  Professionalism and keeping clients personal information discrete e.g dealing with the media

- Sourcing strategy and brand profiling

- Presenting your ideas to management and clients

- Fundamentals of client body shape and dressing to flatter or hide

- Determining the clients most complimentary colours

- Face shape and accessorising

- Styling to a specific brief

- Creating an optical illusion

- Tips and tricks 

- 'The Styling Kit' and all you need as your tool kit to get started

Stylist 'Training for Organisation' sessions are tailored to the companies specific brief, so unlike the 5 day masterclass do not follow a structured format. Please get in touch below to discuss your company brief. We can also adapt workshops to online retailers due to the changing face of retail shopping.

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A topic close to my own heart is the retail shopping experience. People can be emotional creatures when it comes to clothes shopping, especially women. They don’t just buy clothes, they are buying how the clothing, shop and sales staff make them feel.

When your customer has an amazing experience with your shop or brand, this facilitates an emotional connection that leads to loyalty, high retention and referrals. This in turn can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Providing an amazing experience for customers through every touch point in your store is one of the obvious ways you can achieve this. Providing your customer access to trained in store Personal Stylists who can interact and help them in a unique and meaningful way assists in the facilitation of all this and more.  

- Caitlin

"Today more than ever retailers need to offer something more than just the ability to sell merchandise to consumers"