“You've been asked to host a fashion show or be involved in a small style segment on your fave morning show, but there is just one thing holding you back.....”.


So you’ve got that call from a corporate organisation asking you to speak to a room of staff advising them on professional dress. You’re excited as this is going to look fantastic on your CV and in many cases corporate workshops are quite lucrative. You have so much information to share. However, there is one thing stopping you. The thought of speaking in front of a group of people makes you tremble at the knees. So you decline in fear of not being able to do this.


There are so many opportunities available for Personal Stylist’s, which involve speaking in front of an audience. Shopping centre stage workshops, hosting fashion shows, running group workshops, TV segments just to name a few. Being able to say yes to these opportunities confidently will enable you and your business so much opportunity to grow and also develop you as a keynote professional respected in your field.


This weekend workshop throws you right in the deep end when it comes to presenting in front of a group. As soon as you enter the room you will be asked to present in front of the group strait up and we will then work to develop you all weekend. There is a great deal of practical activity in this weekend workshop, which will leave you not only energised, but ready to move forward with a practical plan on how to maintain this confidence and grow from strength to strength when it comes to presenting in the public arena.

Suitable for established Personal Stylist’s who wish to grow their service offering and build their businesses in the presenting arena.