Visual Merchandising is a form of styling and is particularly relevant in the personal styling industry as it is directly related to consumer demand through visual stimulation.


Caitlin is accompanied by renowned Visual Merchandiser, Fanny Sue who lives and breaths sustainable fashion to facilitate this workshop. Hayley Cooper will also be present as she spends signifiant time working with major retailers on the VM displays, Kirsten Chapman too?

Day 1

- Introduction to 'Visual Merchandising'

- Areas in which you can work

- Key Visual Merchandising principles

Day 2

- Eco styling shopping tour on the streets of Sydney

This is a great opportunity to put all of the theory that you have learnt into place. Becoming a little more ethically minded when shopping with your clients and learning how to reduce waste can make the world of difference to your clients wellbeing and also that of the evenironemnt. With the world becoming so much more conscious it is great to have the knowledge in play to be able to assist a range of clients with varying desires. The tour is facilitated by eco Stylist, Fanny Sue.