Styling for television and media personalities is one of the most sought after professions within the styling industry. It is, however extremely hard to break into due to the competitive nature of the role. Working in TV can be ruthless. In many cases you are just a number and replaced at the drop of a hat. Unless you work full-time for a network wardrobe department (where jobs are very limited) you are generally working as a freelancer so securing that next job can often be a challenge. Networking and gaining the trust of the networks, production managers and talent is integral to your success. Once you are a trusted professional in your field and build up a set of contacts you will see return business and increased demand for your services. It is wonderfully rewarding career as a Wardrobe Stylist for television especially when you see all your hard work come into fruition on screen.



Media personalities come in all different shapes and sizes and unlike dressing models for fashion campaigns, it is essential that you work to their personal body shape and style preferences. When dressing someone for television you are working to a brief, be it the talent's role and personality, the style of the show or a character they might be playing for a role. You also need to consider the technical side of things when it comes to TV like camera angles, suitability for the target audience and direction from the Executive Producer. Budget and sourcing strategy is also a key consideration with styling for TV. In this skill building day we cover the skills you need to know to break in to the Styling for TV arena, the connections you need and what not to waste your time with. There are limited jobs in this arena and networking and connections are key. We have activities planned and special industry experts sharing their wealth of expertise in the arena.

Details and upcoming dates are coming soon. If you are interested in attending the Styling for TV Skill Building Day please shoot us a note HERE and we will be in touch to chat about the best options for you.