You're out there hustling in a competitive industry, but you still cant quite get a grasp on certain elements of the craft. Or you've been working as a Personal Stylist for sometime, but feel your skills are lacking in some areas. It is impossible to cover all aspects of Personal Styling in great detail when undertaking a course or even those of you who are self taught. Many areas aren't covered in training in enough detail for you to properly execute them when you're out there with your clients. This is where we can help.


Our one of a kind skill building days are like nothing else on offer for new and established Stylists. We aim to offer regular Stylist skill building sessions on a monthly basis focusing on areas of personal styling that Stylists often find need a little more attention. These skill building days are facilitated by Caitlin or in conjunction with one of her industry colleagues who is considered expert in that area. They are considered a wonderful way to brush up on your skills as a Stylist or to learn how to add a new service offering in order to expand your business.


























- The entire process of conducting a style and wardrobe session in a clients home

- Facilitating a colour consultation or teaching your client about colours

- Tailoring and shopping for suiting with clients

- Conducting a colour consultation session

- Styling for television and media

- Content and branding days

- Marketing and the business side of things

- Content and social media

- Red carpet, bridal and event styling

- Sustainable / ECO Styling

- Public speaking and presenting

- Visual merchandising

- Garment alterations 

MY STYLIST MENTOR Skill Building Days are currently Sydney based. The past 18 months has been challenging for us all when it comes to moving about. As we return to normal we hope to make these sessions available to our interstate colleagues really soon.

Need more help in a certain area? Shoot us an email and we may be able to include this in our next skill building session and pop you on our mailing list for regular updates on upcoming sessions.




Assist your clients with modern trends in tailoring in order to offer a high end corporate service. Do you know the difference between bespoke and made to measure? Can you pin a client for alterations?




So you're keen to move across into the wardrobe styling game? Here's what you need to know. A jam packed day offering insight into wardrobe and media styling and how to get your foot in the door.




Boost your confidence in offering your clients a sustainable styling option within your service offering. Even small efforts can make a big difference.

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"I have studied Personal Styling extensively and have recently launched my business, however I was lacking clarity on how to execute style consultations in person. The "Style Consultation Skill Building Day" was a fabulous guide to how to work one on one confidently creating my own process with my client's without having to over commit to another course"

- Amber H

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