“A Fashion Stylist makes clothing items look good by the use of a model, whereas a Personal Stylist makes the client look good by the artful use of clothing”.

Personal Styling refers to the consulting to individual clients on the selection of clothing, shoes and accessories to work in with their lifestyle budget and needs. It is not about selling clothing or even fashion in some cases, but enhancing the clients image. Over the past ten years personal styling has become significantly more recognised as a career with an increasing demand for the service. It is now, however a crowded, unregulated arena, which makes it increasingly difficult to achieve this as a full-time career without the right direction and resources.


This 5 day masterclass workshop focuses on all aspects of personal styling, image consulting and styling for television & media, all of which your facilitator, Caitlin has worked extensively across. The masterclass workshop is developed and facilitated by Caitlin Stewart who is one of Australia’s leading Personal Stylist’s and Image Consultant with 15 years experience in the game. Caitlin is still actively working across these key areas of personal styling and has a database of over 1000 personal styling clients. Caitlin currently works with Australia’s finest in media and professional services.

Caitlin has also been an educator at one of Sydney’s top private fashion business colleges for over 10 years so knows how to deliver relevant and engaging content as a professional presenter. Caitlin is still active in the industry and on a daily basis undertakes a broad range of styling projects which you can view via her comprehensive CV below.




Whilst any form of training will provide enrichment, the entrepreneurial nature of the styling industry does not require you to have formal qualifications and in most cases clients are not interested in a certificate in your hand from an unaccredited course, rather who you know, what you have done and how you do it. Many people Caitlin has mentored have succeeded by positioning themselves in the right place and knowing the in's and outs of the game.


What you do require is the savvy ‘know how’ and a step by step practical approach on how to network, get clients, the process behind conducting a styling session, the nitty gritty ins and out's of a competitive industry and effectively marketing yourself as a brand to ultimately succeed.

The personal styling five day masterclass does not provide you with a qualification - we are not a college, it provides you with a raw and real step-by-step hands on “how to”. It covers client methodology right down to the action business building side. The masterclass workshop provides countless tips and expert insider advice over the course of the week from someone who is actively doing this now. With 15 years experience and over 1000 clients in her database Caitlin is a wealth of information and now considered an expert in her field.

If you are passionate about assisting people look and feel great, have the drive and desire to do this as a business, but just need the comprehensive ‘know how’, motivation and mentoring then this is the masterclass for you.

Who is this masterclass workshop best suited to?

Those who are new to the personal styling industry and are yet to construct their business. We start from scratch and by the end of the five days aim to have all the foundations in place for you to start your business immediately with a step by step process already in play. By day 5 many attendees have already set their businesses up and we are well on the way to have your branding set!

When Caitlin started her career she did not have the assistance of online marketing and social media. It was very much about foot on the pavement old fashioned networking, which she still very much relies on as her business model today. However these online platforms will see you succeed with an income a lot faster than Caitlin did when she started 15 years ago. You are in a great place and the time is now if this what you want to do.



Can I pay for my masterclass workshops in instalments?

Yes, you sure can. Please use the contact form below and we will be in touch with you to chat about your options.

How large are the groups in your masterclass workshops?

We have a 14-20 person maximum for the five day personal stylist masterclass workshop. You need bums on seats in the room to allow for creative ideas and interaction, however also need to allow for individual attention.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held in various locations in Sydney metro depending on the workshop. All locations are close to public transport, the city and airport. We hope to extend interstate before too long.

Can you provide suggestions for accommodation and getting around if I am to visit from interstate?

Most certainly. Please get in touch and we can run through the options with you.

Has the facilitator completed the Certificate IV in workplace training certificate?

Caitlin sure has and has also been a fashion educator at once of Sydney's leading fashion colleges for over ten years. She also conducts regular corporate training workshops on image and branding with businesses so working the room and engaging an audience is something that comes naturally. You will learn loads and have a blast.

I am conscious about parting with my hard earned cash. Can the facilitator provide credible referees to validate their skill set and experience?

Yes. Caitlin has a list as long as her arm across a broad range of sectors that would be happy to chat with you and vouch for her and her extensive experience. You are also welcome to view her extensive CV via her personal styling website. HERE.

Is follow up support available post masterclass?


- 3 months personal email advice whilst you get your business up and running

- 6 month post masterclass half day follow up and networking workshop or if you are interstate a personal online mentoring session with Caitlin

- Access to private MY STYLIST MENTOR Facebook membership group for those who have competed masterclass workshops which offers continued support from Caitlin and a close network of Stylist's

Are there any age requirements or prerequisites?

Of course not. We cover the basics and work right through, so the less you know the more you have to learn. When you're ready your'e ready. Caitlin started her image journey when she was just 20 years old and was told by more mature professionals and image trainers in the field that she was too young and no one would take her seriously. She has come along to become one of Sydney's most successful Personal Stylist's.

We also offer the weekend personal styling workshop as well if you feel that it is more in line with your needs over the 5 day workshop masterclass.


Introduction to Personal Styling / Areas of specialty

Services you may offer your clients

Target clients

Business building session additional areas of specialty (formulating your concept)

The Face Shapes Men and women


The Body Shapes Women / Style & Body Analysis

The Body Shapes Men and Male Styling

Conducting a shopping trip

Conducting a Wardrobe session Session


Colour Analysis and hair and makeup advice (professional guest)

Personal Branding and Professional Grooming / Marketing yourself

Presenting to an audience / group (presenting to the room)


Personal Styling for TV and Media (professional guest)

Events for a personal stylist including shopping centres and malls

Corporate Styling for individuals and groups

Suiting masterless with (professional guest) understanding tailoring 


Branding and marketing yourself as a professional

Key business fundamentals and setting up your business / rates / collaborations

Developing your USP and Marketing strategy

Practical styling afternoon with photo shoot and professional branding photographer (thousands of dollars value)



Each 5  day masterclass workshop includes a Sydney based follow up half day meet up session with other workshop attendees 6 months after the completion of the workshop. If you reside interstate you can complete this in the form on an online one-on-one mentoring session with Caitlin at your convenience. 

This half day workshopping/ business building session with other masterclass graduates is designed to ensure you are on track with your personal styling business, network, boost ideas and brainstorm. It is a great opportunity to share your progress and gain ideas and feedback with other masterclass attendees get you back on track and hold you accountable. It is a wonderful opportunity to address any questions that you might have with Caitlin and other like minded Personal Stylists. Sharing from others business experiences can also be a great learning experience.

Caitlin also host's regular online stylist business building sessions for new and established Personal Stylist's. These sessions are held the first Friday of every month. Check in HERE for more details.




If you are interested in attending or gaining more information about the Five Day Personal Stylist Masterclass Workshop please use the contact form below and we will be in touch to chat about the best options for you.







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We can't wait to chat with you!